SKF Hazardous Waste Landfill, Flitwick

Remediation of industrial contamination from disposal of grinding sands and sawdust, cooling oil emulsions, detergents and solvents into a former sand quarry in a desirable town centre location

  • removal of unstable organic wastes and stabilisation of soft sludges
  • construction of gas vent trench and low permeability capping
  • excavation for disposal of 16,000m3 of oilcontaminated sawdust
  • oil skimming from water table and monitored natural attenuation within aquifer
  • installation of multi-stage gas barriers to new apartments and commercial office blocks

SGP environmental consultancy tasks

  • review of previous investigations and remedial strategy, with further intrusive site investigations
  • quantitative environmental risk assessments and securing of regulatory approvals
  • production of designs, specifications and method statements for gas and groundwater protection
  • environmental monitoring of dusts, odours and toxic gases during earthworks, and post-remediation gas and groundwater monitoring and management

Key facts


  • 2004 SGP remedial strategy developed
  • 2005 Remediation earthworks completed
  • 2006/7 Construction phase gas and groundwater monitoring and management

Project cost - £2.0 million

Client / Developer: Barratt Homes,

Remedation Contractor: Urban Regen / Remediation Systems


The SKF landfill in a former sand quarry was subject to regulatory monitoring due to the impact from disposal of waste oils upon the Greensand aquifer. Smith Grant devised a cost effective remediation strategy for the site and secured regulatory approvals that allowed the land to be redeveloped to residential and commercial uses, funding the cost of the remediation works. Smith Grant LLP has extensive experience of investigating and devising successful remediation schemes for some of the most difficult sites across the UK, including asbestos factories, chemical works, steelworks, power stations, gas works, tanneries, landfills and mine sites.

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